Lumenocity is a new wallet for the Stellar network.

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Why use a wallet?

Cryptocurrencies are a type of money.

There are many reasons to transfer your XLM from an exchange account and into one of your own. You can use Lumenocity to make managing this account just as easy as having it at an exchange!


Keeping your XLM in a exchange means you are keeping it in a massive account run by them, with all the other hodlers. This makes exchanges a perfect target for hackers since the balances on those accounts are so high.

Keep your XLM in your own account, locked by your own keys. Access it from Lumenocity on your iPhone or Android device.


You always control your own access keys to your account on the Stellar blockchain. You can open your account on as many devices and wallets as you want. You retain full control.

Create accounts for different purposes, transfer funds between them, all from anywhere. Lumenocity lets you do all that from your phone.

Earn free XLM

Stellar's network has a re-distribution mechanism referred to as inflation. You can use it to have free XLM sent to you every week.

In Lumenocity, setting up an inflation pool takes 2 clicks. The following week, you will start receiving free XLM!

Why Lumenocity?

User friendly design

Lumenocity is designed to feel more like a banking app than a crypto wallet.

Open source

Feel secure knowing that at any time, you can verify exactly what the app does.

Federated by Default

Why struggle with long addresses when a simple you* will do?

Built in inflation pools

Stellar's inflation is literally free XLM. Take advantage of it immediately.

Scan anything

Lumenocity supports QR codes generated from many popular Stellar wallets.

Multiple accounts and assets*

Add as many Stellar accounts as you want, and receive any asset (soon pay with them as well)

Shut up and take my money...

...well, actually, it's free

Lumenocity is currently available in the Android Play store! However, it's only in "open beta" at the moment, meaning that you need to click the link below to get access.

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